Transformative Initiatives

Cavaliers Way in Transformation

We planned few Yojana 
1.    Pragati Yojana
2.    Mudra Yojana
3.    Manav Vikas Yojana
4.    Utkarsh Yojana
5.    Prashikshan Yojana

Pragati Yojana

  • In Progati Yojana we work on Managing Growth and conduct in depth survey to understand weakest & potential areas 

  • In the First step, we conduct in depth Organization Health Assessment (OHA) & Current Operating Procedure (COP) survey to understand work  process, people process, work environment and underlying areas that impact business performance & growth

  • In the Second step, we identify the weakest areas that causes high operating cost & low productivity

  • In the Third step, we design realistic road map in micro level  for holistic transformation & restructuring

  • In the Fourth step, we prioritize action areas and kick off action plan on “DO IT NOW” basis to improve business performance, productivity & profitability in minimum possible time & in budgetary cost with employee participation

  • In Final step, we closely monitor ongoing progress. It is our continuous endeavor  to give constant support through reformation & development program till business achieve sustainable growth & maximize revenue , without additional charges


Mudra Yojana - In Mudra Yojana we work on Managing Fund which includes


  • Loan Procurement 

  • Planning & Budgeting

  • Fund Flow 

  • Taxation

  • Costing   


Manav Vikas Yojana - In Manav Vikas Yojana, we work on Managing Human Resource which includes

  • Manpower Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting 

  • Talent Sourcing

  • Talent Management

  • Performance Goal Setting

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Performance Audit

  • Performance Appraisal

  • Performance Gap Analysis 


Utkarsh Yojana - In Utkarsh Yojana, we work on Managing Quality which includes

  • Approach to Cost Control

  • Approach to Waste Control

  • Approach to Zero Defects

  • Approach to Process Control

  • Approach to Quality Control

  • Approach to Continuous Improvement

  • Approach to Lean Manufacturing Process


Prashikshan Yojana - In Proshikshan Yojana, we work on Training & Development which includes  

  • Technical Skill Development 

  • Managerial Skill Development 

  • Behavioural Skill Development

  • Workshop

  • Seminars

  • Symposiums 

  • Grooming & Mentoring